Meditative Spiritual Water Healing Song – Crystal Clear

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You are WELCOME to share this song, as long as you share its story and teaching, and where it comes from (see below).

Please take a few minutes every day to pray for our water. Water is the lifeblood of Mother Earth. The best way to help our planet and our waters is to love and be true to ourselves and each other. Because water holds and reflects memory, thought, intention and emotion, WE MUST LOOK WITHIN for the love and joy we are seeking, and we MUST pick up our sacred bundles. In other words, we each need to connect with and honour the spirit within us, in order to help heal the waters of this planet… and ultimately to heal ourselves.

MUSIC: „Crystal Clear“ as heard on the Medicine Song CD released in 2009 by Brenda MacIntyre Medicine Song Woman. To download Crystal Clear, visit iTunes.


This song came to me (Brenda MacIntyre) at a spiritual gathering I had been invited to sing at in Hamilton, Ontario at „The VIRTUES PROJECT. The PEARLS OF WISDOM MENTORSHIP,“ a global event for Virtues Project Facilitators. Traditionally, if someone wants me to sing and drum, they would offer me tobacco. After I explained how this works, this group of people went even further and beyond offering me a tobacco tie, they had put it in the center of the circle and everyone had prayed into it. Then they offered it to me. Powerful.

While I was on stage with another drummer I had invited to perform with me, I came to a point where I had absolutely no idea what to sing. Whenever that happens I know I am to channel a new song, so that’s what I did. I held tight to the tobacco as I prayed and the song came through instantly and easily. I knew very quickly that the song’s name was „Crystal Clear“. But it wasn’t until I came back to Hamilton several days later to perform at the Aboriginal Health Centre that I would understand the medicine of the song.

After I sang at the health centre, the E.D. approached me and talked about how much he loved „that water song you sang.“ To my knowledge I hadn’t sung a water song, so I wondered for a few minutes about that. Then it came clear. He was talking about „Crystal Clear.“

The spoken parts in this song are excerpts of teachings I recorded as I channelled them. And the ocean waves you hear are real. I recorded them myself in California at Venice Beach in April 2009.


The song is for gathering people together, letting go of what we no longer need, and healing the water within and all around us. It is also about clarity. When this song came, it was very literally crystal clear. Many songs I channel take me a few minutes to learn and practice before they come out as given to me, but not this one. I knew it instantly. The song has a purity, innocence and gentleness to it, speaking directly to your inner light and your water within, and flooding you with radiance and love.

Copyright 2009 Brenda MacIntyre
*You may sing this song anywhere, any time, as long as you share its origins, story and teaching.


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