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Karma Singh: Was genau IST ein Merlin?

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Zunächst ist Merlin kein Name, sondern ein Titel!

Wahrscheinlich hast Du von einem Merlin in den Erzählungen von König Arthur gehört.

Mit solch einer wichtigen Person wie Arthur ist es zu erwarten, daß ein Merlin seinem Königshof zugeordnet und, die Anstandsregel nach, mit seinem Titel statt Name angesprochen wurde. Da dies auch in der Zeit war, als die katholische Kirche dabei war ganz Europa für sich zu erobern, hat die Präsenz eines Merlins am Königshof eine noch größere Wichtigkeit.

Nach uralter keltischer Tradition wurden Jungen im Alter von ca. 9 Jahren in die „druidische“ Schule aufgenommen. 12 bis 15 Jahre studierten sie dort. (Mädchen wurden in die Schule der Priesterinnen aufgenommen.)

Natürlich haben nicht alle das volle Programm durchgemacht; bei Vielen ging es darum, etwas Grundwissen aufzunehmen und dann den Familienberuf weiter zu machen.
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Französisches Fernsehen: Ukraine – Die Masken der Revolution

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Brian Jones / Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday

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Laut einem Interview im Magazin Rolling Stone schrieb Keith Richards das Lied 1966 in einem Hotel über ein Groupie, das er kannte. 2010 erklärte er in seiner Autobiographie, dass das Lied von Linda Keith, seiner damaligen Freundin, handele. Über die Urheberschaft des Stücks besteht Uneinigkeit. Bill Wyman zufolge stammt der Text in Gänze von Keith Richards, laut Marianne Faithfull stammte eine frühere Version von Brian Jones. Der Biograph Victor Bockris schrieb, dass der Text und die Struktur des Stücks von Richards stammen würden, der dieses mit Jones im Studio vollendet habe. Quelle wikipedia

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Edit. For headphones. Less channel seperation. More bass, more cello & other ‚things‘. Louder ? Click Supposedly the lyrics were written by Brian Jones & Keith Richards, with the music written by Jones, but he was never credited.* Dubbed video, the video is from a tv performance with Jagger singing live, I used the video for an edit of mine. By the way: Brian Jones joins Keith Richards on backing vocals on the last chorus in this video! (Thank you Laurie Edwards.)

Recorded in November & December, 1966. Released as a US single on January 13, 1967 and went to # 1 on the charts. Released as a double A sided single in the UK on January 13, 1967 and reached # 3. Released in the US on the album „Between The Buttons“ on February 11, 1967.

Recorder & piano: Brian Jones. Vocal harmony: Brian Jones and Keith Richards. Vocals, backing vocals & tambourine: Mick Jagger. Acoustic guitar: Keith Richards. Cello, bass: Bill Wyman. Drums: Charlie Watts. Jack Nitzsche: piano. Double bass: Keith Richards (bowing strings), Bill Wyman (fingers on fingerboard).

(Brian Jones/Keith Richards/Mick Jagger)

She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you…

Don’t question why she needs to be so free
She’ll tell you it’s the only way to be
She just can’t be chained
To a life where nothing’s gained
And nothing’s lost
At such a cost

There’s no time to lose, I heard her say
Catch your dreams before they slip away
Dying all the time
Lose your dreams
And you will lose your mind.
Ain’t life unkind?

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you…

®© UMG

(All rights reserved by the copyright owners. This nonprofit fan-made video is solely to promote awareness and interest in the artists and the music.)

According to Mick Jagger: „That’s a wonderful song,“ „It’s just a nice melody, really. And a lovely lyric. Neither of which I wrote, but I always enjoy singing it.“ as told to Jann Wenner in 1995.

It’s safe to say that Brian Jones has composed the melody. Or at least, the major idea of it. On the other hand, Keith was probably the one to compose the lyrics or most part of it. They were both missing Linda Keith, that’s basically the inspiration to the song, by the way.

Marianne Faithfull has stated the same:

„I think in Brian’s state writing a song probably wasn’t possible. He could only do it through another medium, through Keith. I guess the closest he came to it was ‚Ruby Tuesday‘, where his melancholy recorder wistfully carries that sense of irretrievable loss. ‚Ruby Tuesday‘ was a collaboration between Keith and Brian. it’s one of the few cases where Mick had nothing to do with a Stones song, neither with the lyrics nor the melody – but he and Keith got the writing credit. Without Brian, there wouldn’t be a ‚Ruby Tuesday“

Still on Marianne, I’ve found this online:

„In one of the most telling episodes in Faithfull, her autobiographical collaboration with David Dalton, Marianne describes the moment in the studio when Jones first plays on recorder the beautiful lilting pastoral melody that would eventually become ‚Ruby Tuesday‘. Richards picks up on it and starts shaping it on the piano. Jones tells him that it’s a cross between John Dowland’s ‚Air On The Late Lord Essex‘ and a Skip James blues. „Brian wanted everyone to say, ‚That’s great Brian, wonderful! Good work!'“ says Faithfull. „But of course nobody did.“ When it was released, as the flip side to ‚Let’s Spend The Night Together‘, ‚Ruby Tuesday‘ carried the standard Jagger-Richards songwriting credit. When they performed it on TV, Jones and Richards were sat together at the same piano stool, accentuating their physical and musical closeness. They would never be that close again.“ Rob Chapman

Brian composed many sounds and melodies to Stones songs and for that reason he was capable of composing ‚Ruby Tuesday‘.



The Psychic Detective – Brian Jones Case (5/5)

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Psychic Medium Tony Stockwell.

Gaddafi’s Tochter Ayesha: Neuer Führer vom Widerstand gegen NATO und libysche Terroristen

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Ayesha to her people: I will avenge my father, brothers, a husband and Libya!


Written by Maja Orlic; published at, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

She is back! The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi will lead the resistance against NATO and the other Libyan terrorists. Ayesha stated that she is now the leader of the resistance and she is about to create a new secret government.

Ayesha Gaddafi become the new leader of the resistance at a crucial moment for the country – on the eve of the new NATO intervention. As a Lieutenant General of the Libyan army she swore loyalty to order her legendary father and urged Libyans to wake up in order to win, to be successful and to “return the Jamahiriya government”.

Ayesha Gaddafi guarantees that in the next few months she will form a “secret government” of “famous Libyans,” who are loyal to Gaddafi and that will act as a mediator in Libya and abroad. Analyzing the current situation she criticized the former army because of “a crazy mix of anarchists” who decided to wage war on a principle “I fight for whoever pays me more.”

Gaddafi´s daughter accused them of using a green flag of Jamahiriya and recruiting their supporters, as well as strengthening tribal governments, under whose shadow they joined the alliance with the Tuareg and Toubou Islamists. She accused the Tuareg and Toubou tribes of separatism and conspiracy with the government in Tobruk.

Ayesha Gaddafi called on the soldiers of the Libyan armed forces to give her the oath as a Supreme Commander, in order to restore the state.

“My name gives me a duty and a right to be at the forefront of this battle.”, said a brave woman who during the war lost her husband and two children. Today she is ready to become a “symbol of the nation” and alongside a portrait of Gaddafi to become a “symbol of the mission to restore national unity.” Speaking of the Libyans as for her children, she compared herself to a mother who will fight for their children.

She also talked about about al-Qaeda terrorists, who overthrew her father Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Ayesha Gaddafi prophetically said that their destruction and death have a breath of madness and that it will fall apart and disappear. She wrote that “We are ready for a deadly battle” in which the terrorists will face one nation. In conclusion, she promised to sign s new agreement.

According to rumors, the printed version of this call is secretly being distributed and shared in the main cities of Libya – Tripoli and Tobruk. And according to given information we can also expect her speech on local television soon.


Regen auf Abruf im Iran – Himmelsakupunktur nach Wilhelm Reich

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Rain on Demand Chadegan – Iran

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Das Regenmachen bei sonnigem Wetter im Iran
Projekt ausgeführt von: Shahram Parvin,

osho über Macht und Politik

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Politicians vs. Humanity
A wise man once said that the urge to become a politician should be enough to disqualify a person from so doing, yet society is based on systems of government that couldn’t function without them. What is it that apparently de-humanizes politicians, and is there another way?
Why do politicians make promises they then don’t keep?

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