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Akupressurpunkte der Hand

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Here is a simple way to relieve pain without without stuffing yourself with chemical-loaded drugs.

Read the following instructions carefully and improve your condition:

Locate the point on your thumb that is associated with the pain in your body. Press it for 5 seconds.
Release the pressure for 3 seconds.
Press again and repeat the same step for several minutes.
Do this at least once a day and you will feel much better within a week.

170 wissenschaftliche Studien bestätigen die Gefahren von Soja

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by Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist,

With all the loads of scientific data available that soy is not a healthy part of anyone’s diet, it shocks me how many folks are still on the “soy is good for you” bandwagon – even people who should know better like your doctor!

I just got an email from a reader the other day who had been to multiple doctors, both holistic and conventional, and all but one of them were telling her that plenty of soy in her diet would help her menopause symptoms.

I had another shocking conversation recently with a doctor of Internal Medicine who had no idea soy was a potent goitrogenic food and actively suppressed thyroid function.

Be careful folks. It’s dangerous out there! You really need to do your research and be on your toes at all times when it comes to nutritional advice even from someone in a white coat!

For those of you who just sat down because you are so taken aback by the notion that soy is not actually the healthfood you thought it was, here are 170 scientific reasons to back up this assertion.

Fermented Soy Fine in Small Amounts for Some People

Please note that fermented soy in small, condimental amounts as practiced in traditional Asian cultures is fine for those who have healthy thyroid function. Only miso, tempeh, natto and traditionally brewed soy sauce fall under this category. In addition, if you want to sprinkle a few edamame on your salad or have a few small cubes of tofu in your miso soup from time to time, that is fine too. Just don’t make it a regular part of your diet!

If you have any sort of thyroid issues going on, however, it is really the best policy to avoid all soy all the time as soy is a potent goitrogen (thyroid suppressor) even if fermented.

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Ein magischer Trank – Ein Glas mit warmem Salzwasser soll entgiftend wirken

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Magical Drink – A Glass Of Warm Saline Water Removes All Toxins From Your Body

Story by: HealthyLifeTricks


The positive ions from the salt tie with negative ions of the molecule of water and vice versa. The result is a new structure which is wonderfully absorbed by the body. So the water is not clear anymore and the salt is not just salt. This combination is beneficial for your health.

Scientists agree that only one glass of salted water has great effect on the human body. This is a pure detoxifier which helps the body to self regenerate. In India this practice of drinking salt water in the morning is well known for long time and the west world rejected it under the assumption that salt is harmful for the human body. The “thing” is in that water should be salted with natural, clean, sea salt. In that case her healthy effect is guaranteed.
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Menschen und Personen – oder – Leben im Märchen

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Veröffentlicht am 31.07.2015

Dieses Video gibt einen Einblick in die Sprache der Juristen und zeigt auf, wie wir Menschen zu Personen gemacht wurden und wie wir uns damit identifizieren (lassen). Es geht um den Sprung in ein anderes Bewußtsein und die Begründung der „Wahrheit“.
Hier geht es nicht um die Auslegung von Gesetzestexten, sondern um die eindeutige Definition der in den Gesetzestexten und Verwaltungsakten benutzten Begriffe. Dieser Film soll helfen, daß wir uns alle wieder näher kommen und gemeinsam das System überdenken. Es geht nicht um Schuldzuweisung oder Vergeltung, sondern vielmehr darum, daß wir alle im selben Boot sitzen.

Dieses Video darf und soll ausdrücklich kostenlos vervielfältigt und verteilt werden.

Die LeFloid-Situation eskaliert: Studio71 sperrt neue Videos und Facebook von Oliver Janich

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Veröffentlicht am 30.07.2015

Die Facebook-Seite und das neue Video von Oliver Janich wurden gesperrt. Bitte verbreitet dieses Video, denn jetzt herrscht Krieg. Wir lassen uns dieses hinterlistige Verhalten von Studio71 und LeFloid nicht gefallen.