Ein magischer Trank – Ein Glas mit warmem Salzwasser soll entgiftend wirken

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Magical Drink – A Glass Of Warm Saline Water Removes All Toxins From Your Body

Story by: HealthyLifeTricks


The positive ions from the salt tie with negative ions of the molecule of water and vice versa. The result is a new structure which is wonderfully absorbed by the body. So the water is not clear anymore and the salt is not just salt. This combination is beneficial for your health.

Scientists agree that only one glass of salted water has great effect on the human body. This is a pure detoxifier which helps the body to self regenerate. In India this practice of drinking salt water in the morning is well known for long time and the west world rejected it under the assumption that salt is harmful for the human body. The “thing” is in that water should be salted with natural, clean, sea salt. In that case her healthy effect is guaranteed.
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