Im englischsprachigen Raum scheinen Menschen gut informiert zu sein — Kommentare zu Film über Paris-Schießerei —

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Christian Bjergvor 16 Stunden
false ? oh yeah.. so 9/11 was inside job ? we did not land on the moon ? holocaust never happened ? illuminati is real ? man you are bloody stupid….

azzo1300 vor 16 Stunden
Just had a look at the videos you liked in your channel, from that i can say, you have an iq of a dead rat….
And you’re trying to be funny….stick to your video games kid

mohamed bradda vor 15 Stunden
9/11 is indeed a insjidejob 100% true story

DOETMENIKSthefirst vor 15 Stunden
All 4 good you go to the next round

Bernardo Mendes vor 15 Stunden
here we go. trying to discredit by putting all in the same basket. what a joke.

PrvtAttrny vor 15 Stunden
Christian is using what is a called the Strawman Fallacy which is a logical fallacy, not a valid point. Try again Christian

Rocco M vor 15 Stunden
Appears that you have no knowledge of firearms! If shot point blank in the head by a 7*62 bullet there would be blood all over and not much of a head left on his shoulders!

dutchsinse vor 14 Stunden (bearbeitet)
to answer your rhetorical questions christian…. YES (inside job)… NO (we didnt)…. YES (holocost was real)… YES (illuminati are real)…..
And.. no.. I’m not stupid.

Bucetonov Antonov vor 14 Stunden
Holocaust are real? LOL what a joke. I know u are a pussy and are afraid of your jew masters, but you and know that holocaust is a lie.

Gianluca Cagnani vor 13 Stunden
Holocost was something different than war winners told us. Typhus, famine, many deads but the ‚gas chambers‘ were built by the soviets. About Paris, we can’t be sure now, but I bet there’s something wrong and there is somebody willing to defame Islam. I do not trust world media, U$RAEL nor this Europe, runned by banksters.

cristian molina vor 13 Stunden
you are stupid or a troll or both, 911 was an inside job and the illuminati are real you stupid ass. it is because of people like you that say there is no evil in high places that they are able to get away with all the thing they do.

The Ottawa Expositor vor 13 Stunden
Straw man argument! A dubios fallacy!

Muad ib vor 13 Stunden
+dutchsinse we did land on the moon, you can see it from here with the newest teleskopes.
Btw: You forgot to mention that all 3 „Killermoslems“ forgot their ID-Cards in the black car.
How stupid, do they think, we think Moslems are?

lakrisikamal vor 9 Stunden
+Christian Bjerg go read the Operation Northwoods you uneducated idiot

dcockerill2007 vor 5 Stunden
Judging by the videos you have uploaded to your channel you spend most of your time playing computer games so it’s hardly surprising you’re lacking intelligence.

Bernardo Mendes vor 5 Stunden (bearbeitet)
Well at least he should know a AK, that it fires a 7.62 and that would take them weeks to scrub the brains of that guys head from the floor. And yet theres nothing…

Khu NoPie vor 4 Stunden
+dutchsinse Holohoax real? Aw, come on man, who are you?

Gabriel Suárez vor 4 Stunden
+Bernardo Mendes i thought the same thing… this is strange at the least

Leito canadolu vor 3 Stunden

Major Tom vor 3 Stunden
911 was Israeli mossad. Ask Dr Alan Sabrosky.Holocaust never did happen. Try google you idiot. Illuminati is real.. which is why its in the history books. Christian Berg is a pedo Zionist jew nigger with aids sent here to spread disinformation

soufiane Mouatassim vor 3 Stunden (bearbeitet)
The crusades weren’t true and the defeat was planned ? napoleon was an alien ? French revolution was planned ? WTF is that logic of yours ????? ignoring facts and sticking to what you have been told is in fact a big sign of stupidity Just don’t go full retard, they will blame it on your generation.

InfinityProjectPromo vor 3 Stunden
i cannot say anything about this or the moon things..i think they were real but 9/11 was an inside job dude..even the dumbest idiot could see this

Major Tom vor 3 Stunden
Its easy to prove the holocaust was a jewish lie.. look at wiki reduce the number of jews killed from 6 million to 700,000.. Oh, and there was no zyklon b in the fake gas chamber the Russians built in Auschwitz AFTER the war.Gas chamber doors had locks on the INSIDE allowing the jews to open the doors and poison the gestapo?! No.. Only a complete idiot believes the holocaust or official 911 story

Starter BIH vor 2 Stunden
Seems like only one blind and stupid here is u,or u dont have no damn information in ur life

reealitychick vor 2 Stunden
+Major Tom YOU ARE ONE DUDE—-that if many of the men who died in WW2 were alive—would run you out of this world… are a blind trol and shame on you for this cowardly statement…..

KalkiAvatara vor 2 Stunden
Go and buy a brain on the black fraiday stupi iodit brainwashed by the mass media!

may flower vor 1 Stunde
+dutchsinse The Holocaust is a lie, you got 1 wrong here, sorry

Michelle Lamarand vor 1 Stunde
You should research so you do not spread your ignorance. Baaaaa! Go back to your herd.

TheRobijas007 vor 1 Stunde
Go back to your cave! You don’t even realize what World you are living in. You just watch TV they will show you the truth,SHEEP!!!

Mohammed Jouad vor 1 Stunde
yes holocaust never happened

Jacco Vasseur vor 45 Minuten

Josip Vlašić vor 30 Minuten
lol landing on the moon…apollo 11 „landed“ on the moon in 1969.
Im asking you what you think,why no one since than did not go to the moon? At least today you americans have latest tehnology,and all fancy stuff…don’t be so naive kid

ADesign or 29 Minuten
Yes.No. No.Yes. Fucking idiot.

lou lotus vor 24 Minuten (bearbeitet) see English translations below how 10 million Sunni Muslims, Christians & Jews were created by the King of England

The_Devil_Himself vor 14 Minuten
Go the fuck back to Reddit

killerkluivert vor 13 Minuten
9/11 was certainly inside job! All the footage from the moon is strange, unclear and edited. yes jews died in WWII and yes Illuminati is real… You live in a fairytale world but hey… IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

Admir Hamidovic vor 26 Sekunden
+dutchsinse Respect brother for that video,but western people are brainwashed,do you agree!? especially small number.

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