Satanische Zeichen in Mode-, Musik-, Filmindustrie u. a. m.

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Veröffentlicht am 25.12.2013
This film is a Elizabeth Browne production, it discusses in depth the esoteric meanings behind symbols commonly found in the fashion industry AND MORE ! unenslaved2012 makes absolutely no money or any profit from this video
Note from the producer Elizabeth Browne in regards to Alex Jones :
I would like to help clear this up – I have no problem with your edited footnote regarding Alex Jones. At that point in the film I didn’t want to detract from the issue and start discussing whether Alex Jones is the most genuine figure, as I was busy focusing on explaining Bohemian Grove. For the record: My personal opinion on Alex is that although he has produced some good videos and helped spread important info exposing the illuminati & NWO etc, I feel when he acts crazy on live shows & interviews he lets „us“ down because the viewer may be distracted by his bonkers behaviour rather than actually listening to sense he is speaking and thus I feel embarrassed to associate myself with his position sometimes. I know he claims he acts like that deliberately in order to gain more interest and fame so that it leads people to research into him. However, his nutty behaviour has led me to question whether he is indeed a plant to act as a deterrent instead. None the less, for the sake of this video – I am very grateful for the work he has done in exposing the Bohemian Grove (whatever his reasons). The facts I wanted to address are: 1. Owls are in fashion and 2. People should know they have an esoteric meaning which is Molech



Die Simpsons und 9/11

simpsons 9-11



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