MODUS SELFDESTRUCTION ENDTIMES Dr. Joseph Chiappalone UWS Radio-Marathon Sept 13, 014

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Veröffentlicht am 14.09.2014

Wake News Radio/TV: UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon September 13, 2014

We are living in dangerous, weired times that is for sure. But what could be the reason for that? Is there something we all do not know? Shall we be witnesses or subjects of complete destruction of the world as we know it? Not fear, not intimidation are the topics but rather an awakening to basic knowledge of what has been kept from us since a long time ago. Slowly we are comprehending the deceptionally hidden secrets of our origins, of the long predicted endtimes. As this Universe will come to an end because of an error in creation as Dr. Joseph Chiappalone will explain to us in this mindbreaking interview which Detlev will have with him in this UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon.

Please, tune in for this spectacular event!

In the first couple of hours Detlev will start the UNITEDWESTRIKE Radio-Marathon from Switzerland in German with a surprise guest discussing exactly this, the madness of our so-callled leaders who seem to be in a selfdestruction mode while guiding the world into absolute chaos and destruction!

Please, listen here:…
This is the link to the German article:…


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