Britische Ministerin: Pädokriminalität wird verschleiert

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Thatcher Minister Edwina Currie: There Is A Paedophile Cover-Up
Saturday, 23 February 2013 12:50

‚There you have it from the horses mouth. A Tory minister from the time confirming that there was a cover-up. I believe that is the first time we have had such a confirmation, one that we can almost take as an official confirmation, rather than the allusions we have had to date. What is notable from this is she was NOT referring to Peter Morrison.

By stating she was not part of the cover-up, she could not be referring to Morrison, as she has already admitted that she knew but did nothing, which is being part of a cover-up by any benchmark. So Edwina was referring to the cover-up of different paedophile activities, as she then confirmed by mentioning the current police investigations.‘

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