„Holocaust“- Dokumente im Vatikan ?

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The Truth emerges…Vatican Holocaust Files (Gordon Duff) (Low).flv

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Wars are abhorrent, despicable plans enacted out by the tricked on behalf of the manipulative, evil psychopathic elites playing with human life for power. Most of history is rewritten and hidden or distorted…we all live in an age of mass deception. The truth does emerge because of those who are aware and cannot stomach the repugnant LIES. Prescott Bush, amongst other US cabalists funded Hitler, the second world war was not what we are lead to believe, all though tragically many millions did die for the globalist elites agenda to control the world. All Holocaust revisionist are jailed and the system works to stop free speech if the content is controversial and challenges the official story. This is testament to the control exercised over supposedly free governments..! Why the harsh treatments to those wanting to share their research and findings for the public to determine fact or fiction, accurate or inaccurate??? The events following the war are not disputed but often kept quiet….the millions of Germans made to die in suffering by the allies….each of the allied commanders were Zionist Jews..fact.
Zionist Israel continues to make war and collect funds from abroad and its Zionist supporters….

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exploiting german people

Palestinians are still suffering under military occupation and a severe form of Apartheid worse than that of South Africa (Bishop Desmond Tutu).

It is clear that Israel is the reason for instability in the Mid East and they not so secret secret stash of 200+ nuclear weapons should send shudders down the spine of all free thinking humans… Israeli PM Netanyahu has killed his psychiatrist….the world must wake up fast and stop the support of Israel NOW.
There are many good Israeli people, wonderful brave people who do not succumb to the heavy indoctrination from the state…many Israeli’s protest and demonstrate to corruption and terrible injustices….the world is waking up…put the unity back into our community… unite in the TRUTH behind the mass deception….. PEACE 4 ALL
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Published on 15 Feb 2013

Gordon Duff and Jeff Rense discuss what happened after the end of WW2 in defeated Germany.

Gordon discusses these matters in a recent article as well:
„You can’t understand Joseph Ratzinger unless you have read George Patton’s journals. Patton served as governor of Germany after the capitulation in May 1945. He learned to love and respect the German people. He watched the slaughter, at Eisenhower’s orders, of a million German POWs.
He saw the ethnic cleansing, what would eventually account for over 8 million Germans, murdered or sent to die in the Bolshevik gulags. Patton saw a very different „holocaust“ than we see on TV today.“ Link: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/02/…

Related: The book ‚Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947‘ is available at amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Hellstorm-Death…


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