Pädokriminalität weltweit

Gepostet am Aktualisiert am

folgen von missbrauch

mehr als blaue Flecke bleiben zurück …

Depression, Selbstmordneigung, Eßstörungen, schwache Gesundheit, Angst, Zorn, Groll, Abspaltung von Persönlichkeitsanteilen



Metropolitan Police Covered Up VIP Paedophile Ring
Monday, 18 February 2013 10:54

‚Today the Mirror reveals evidence from a former detective that he and his team were forced to abandon an investigation into the VIP Paedophile Ring because senior officers in the Metropolitan Police stole the evidence. The evidence included photographs of a Cabinet Minister and senior Judges sexually abusing children. The fact the Senior Police officers illegally stole evidence to protect serious criminals, without any inquiry or complaint, is evidence of a breakdown of the rule of law in the United Kingdom.‘ …


wenn du redest töte ich dich

Wenn Du es irgendjemandem erzählst, werde ich Dich töten.

‚An RCMP officer and his wife at the centre of an Ottawa child abuse investigation are to be back in court next week.

The couple, who cannot be identified, made separate court appearances Friday, and both were remanded in custody. They face multiple assault and sex-related counts after being arrested earlier in the week at an Ottawa home.

With his head lowered and his hands clutching a sheaf of papers, the accused man said nothing as he stood in court Friday morning flanked by Ottawa police officers.‘ …

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