Hypnotisieren von Nationen ist einfacher als viele denken

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Mike Adams, der Autor des folgenden Artikels, zeigt wie einfach Hypnotisieren von Nationen ist. 

Aber schon durch das Bewusst-Werden dieser Hypnose kann Ent-Hypnotisierung geschehen, was die Absicht von Mike Adams ist. Dies sei auch das Ziel von z. B. Alex Jones.

Ein link zu einem Film über Hypnose ist unterhalb des Artikels. Andere kann man in dem Originalartikel finden.

Saturday, February 16, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think
Now understand this: If people can be hypnotized into doing all the things you see in the above videos, imagine how easy it is to hypnotize them into believing things like Obama is their savior, or guns are bad, or the economy is good, or even that government is your „daddy.“

[Die Menschen sollen glauben, dass Obama ihr Retter sei, dass Waffen schlecht seien, dass die Wirtschaft gut sei und sogar, dass die Regierung Dein „Papa“ sei.]

In truth, every Obama speech is a hypnosis ritual, and every broadcast on CNN is a hypnotic induction.

[In Wahrheit ist jede Obama-Rede ein Hypnose-Ritual. Und jede Sendung von CNN ist eine hypnotische Einführung.]

tv hypnose

tv sleep

From a linguistic perspective, Obama’s speeches are deeply engineered with things called „language patterns“ that take advantage of cognitive shortcuts to literally embed ideas into your head while bypassing your critical thinking skills. I could explain to you how this works and give you examples, but you probably wouldn’t believe they’re so simple because you don’t believe you are „suggestible“ to linguistic influence. Dissect any Obama speech and you’ll discover a plethora of hypnotic speech patterns, language patterns, reframes, logic binds, social agreement and other techniques used by hypnotists.

[Analysiere jede Obama-Rede und Du wirst eine Fülle von hypnotischen Sprachmustern, Umdeutungen, logischen Verbindungen, sozialen Vereinbarungen und anderen Techniken finden, die von Hypnotiseuren genutzt werden.]

If you really think about it, the real info war taking place today is a „war of hypnosis.“ The government, the media and the corporations want to hypnotize everybody into believing falsehoods are true: Vaccines prevent disease, vitamins are dangerous, America is a free country, the police state keeps you safe, and so on. The Bush administration pulled off a real whopper of nationwide stage hypnosis by getting everyone to believe in a complete falsehood: the so-called „war on terror.“ It was a complete fabrication. People who believed the USA was under assault by terrorists could also be hypnotized into believing little green fairies lived under their mattresses.

My goal is to de-hypnotize you.

[Mein Ziel ist es, Dich zu ent-hypnotisieren.]

People like myself and Alex Jones are de-hypnosis experts who use our skills and influence to „awaken“ people and allow them to see reality, often for the first time.

[Leute wie ich und Alex Jones sind Enthypnotisierungsexperten, die ihre Fähigkeiten und ihren Einfluss nutzen, um Menschen aufzuwecken und ihnen zu erlauben, die Realität zu sehen – oft zum ersten Mal.]

This is shocking to a lot of people. If you’ve been hypnotized into believing your toy fire truck is a puppy dog, then you might not be too happy to awaken and realize what a fool you’ve been all along. That’s one reason why there’s so much cognitive resistance to de-hypnosis: It requires the mind to admit it was wrong.

Beyond de-hypnosis, we also attempt to get people to awaken to an even higher level of spiritual awareness and question reality itself. This is called moving up through „meta-levels“ of reality.

Because, ultimately, the toy fire truck isn’t even a physical object at all. It’s a vibrating probability wave that appears to be real in this simulated reality we call a universe.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/039117_mass_hypnosis_mainstream_media_test.html#ixzz2L970XUyE

Dave Curran: X-rated Hypnotist

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