spirit of ma´at: February 2013 – Mid-Winter Cross Quarter Edition

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Deep inside the heart of the Earth it is the power of the female that brings the world back to life during the month of February. Halfway between the Winter Solstice and the first day of Spring she releases her fluids into the matrix, to nourish and nurture everything that lives.

In the Old Times, the month that is customarily assigned to Saint Valentine and the Groundhog, was celebrated for a number of other reasons. Living closer to nature, the ones who lit the candles, and filled their pitchers with milk, and laid ‚Corn Dollies‘ to rest on the hearth, understood that the heart of creation was ready to open, and that it was time for life to begin all over again. Perhaps this is why „Love“ has become the hallmark for the month of February; not because of anything Saint Valentine said or did, but because underneath it all, the force that pours out of the Great Mother at this point in the yearly cycle, is pure, unconditional love. If every other February has held this vibration, one can only imagine what is taking place this year. 2013 has awakened humanity to new levels of consciousness. The sense that something out of this world has already infused us with the wish to create from a place of oneness and love, gives each of us the opportunity to enter the miraculous and become part of it. It is in that spirit that we welcome you to our February edition. If you take anything from the information that is included in this months‘ s issue, with any luck it will help you to understand that we are the ‚New Humanity‘ – and it is through the power of love, and out of the unity that connects us, that we are just beginning to give birth to a whole new world.

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