David Icke: Ratzinger verdeckte globalen Missbrauch von Kindern

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 A signal from above? Lightning hits St Peter’s hours after Pope Benedict stuns cardinals with first resignation in 600 years

Hier der link zu dem Artikel von David Icke:


Resigning Ratzinger Covered Up Global Child Abuse – Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 10:57

Posted by David Icke


Alex Gibney explores the charged issue of paedophilia in the Catholic Church, following a trail from the first known protest against clerical sexual abuse in the United States and all the way to the Vatican.
Watch this and you will not be surprised that Pope Benedict XVI has become the first Pope to resign in 600 years.

Nazi Youth member Joseph Ratzinger was appointed in 1981 to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), formerly the Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition – the mass murdering and torturing ‚Holy Inquisition‘ – by the wrongly rose-painted Pope John Paul II.

The same Pope decreed in 2001 that all child abuse cases worldwide involving the Catholic clergy should be dealt with directly by Ratzinger at the CDF with the role, carried out with vigour, of stopping the Church-destroying truth coming to public attention and, in doing so, denying justice to abused children and allowing paedophile priests and bishops to stay in their jobs and continue their abuse of other children.

Ratzinger has resigned because of ill health? His mate John Paul II continued in his last four years despite suffering from Parkinson’s disease, severe arthritis and having difficulty speaking and hearing. Popes don’t resign and this is why it hasn’t happened for 600 years. This is really about the truth coming out and there is a tidal wave of that still to do so – especially in Ratzinger’s case.

I have said it for two decades and I will go on saying it – paedophilia and Satanism are the cement that hold the global Establishment together and the Roman Church is founded upon both going back to its theological ‚inspiration‘ in Babylon and beyond.

[Pädokriminalität und Satanismus sind der Zement, der das globale Establishment zusammenhält und die katholische Kirche ist auf beidem gegründet und geht zurück auf ihre theologische „Inspiration“ in Babylon und weiter.]

MSNBC report on Pope Benedict and child abuse

cnn kirche missbrauch

Political and religious tributes for a man who has covered up more child abuse than anyone else on the planet

Obama: ‚On behalf of Americans everywhere, Michelle and I wish to extend our appreciation and prayers to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI [who systematically covered up Catholic child abuse in America].‘

Cameron: ‚I send my best wishes to Pope Benedict. He has worked tirelessly to strengthen Britain’s relations with the Holy See. His visit to Britain in 2010 is remembered with great respect and affection. He will be missed as a spiritual leader to millions.‘

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks: ‚… a man of gentleness [sic], of quiet and of calm … who carried with him an aura of grace and wisdom.‘

The Knights of Malta – one of the major secret societies behind the Vatican and the Hidden Hand behind the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
No, the world is not what it seems to be.

Pope Benedict XVI is greeted by Matthew Festing, Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, during a mass for the 900th anniversary of the Order which is part of a Vatican web of secret societies and groupings that include the Jesuits and Opus Dei.

The Knights of Malta and their associated secret societies are widely exposed in David Icke’s books, including The Biggest Secret.
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Please circulate far and wide – make an effort, make a difference.
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