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George W. Bush, Aleister Crowley and Gene Expression
I recently uncovered a theory that Aleister Crowley, a.k.a. The Beast 666, may be George W. Bush’s grandfather. Here is the support for the theory, as far as I can tell:

In the summer of 1924, Pauline Pierce, future mother of Barbara Bush, travelled to Paris, France to visit her friend, Nellie O’Hara.
Nellie O’Hara, Pauline’s friend, was shacked up with a writer named Frank Harris.
Frank Harris was an intimate of Aleister Crowley and had been supporting him financially throughout 1924.
At the time, Crowley was experimenting with “sex magick,” which, as the name suggests, does involve sex.
Pauline Pierce was a bit of a party girl, and not bad looking. If Crowley did meet her, via O’Hara and Harris, it’s dollars to donuts he at least tried to seduce her. Whether he met her, or seduced her, is not known.
Pauline returned to America in early October of 1924. Eight months later, on June 8, 1925, Barbara Pierce (later Bush) was born.
Growing up, Barbara was not close to any of her siblings. A childhood friend described her as “really mean and sarcastic” as a child, and she had a “prickly and feisty personality.”
There is a…certain resemblance.
Aleister Crowley – Barbara Bush

George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley
Few people understand that one of the most notorious individuals in British history may have contributed to the lineage of our current president. Aleister Crowley, a.k.a., „The Great Beast 666“ — the infamous practitioner of „sex magick“ whose motto was „Do What Thou Wilt“ — came to know a great many remarkable people, including the maternal grandmother of George W. Bush. „Know,“ in this case, may be taken in the Biblical sense. Evidence points to the disturbing possibility that he was the true father of Barbara Bush, the former First Lady and mother to George W. Bush.

The story may seem difficult to believe at first, until one learns more about the social inter-relations that tied together these unlikely parties. Specifically, we must focus on a fascinating woman named Pauline Pierce, born Pauline Robinson — whose third child was named Barbara.

Obama und Bush sind verwandt
Eine der Pilgrimmütter ist direkte Vorfahrin Obamas mütterlicherseits, berichtet der „Deutschlandfunk“. Und der Bruder der Pilgrimmutter ein Vorfahre von Obamas Amtsvorgänger George Bush.
Alle Verwandt: Bush, Obama, Clinton, Jolie, Pitt
Für Obama kommt es noch dicker, er ist nicht nur mit dem Hollywood-Star, sondern auch..
…mit dem amtierenden US-Präsidenten George W. Bush verwandt. Aber wenn nur weit genug zurück geht, ist ja irgendwann jeder mit jedem verwandt.

Kronen und DNA

kronen dna

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