david icke zu leylines und satanisten

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One level of this is the Earth’s energy grid made up of what are called ley lines or meridians. Where these lines cross are the ‚power points‘ on the grid which create a vortex of energy as the flows intersect and interact.
Where lots of lines cross are obviously the most powerful places and these were marked by the ancients with standing stone circles, pyramids and so on. This was done to access the energy and, I would suggest, often to block and dilute the natural power of the energy as part of systematic human suppression and disconnection from higher realities.
The ‚Confessions of a Satanist‘ document that I include as an appendix in my new book says: ‚What most people do not realise is that Satanism is a ritually based practice and that this repetition has – over time – left strong impressions upon the Morphic Field!‘ .
It certainly has on the Isle of Wight. The Satanists manipulate the energy field into greater density and this distorted vibrational state manifests in one expression as the distorted ‚values‘ of the Island Mafia.
Satanic rituals are performed on these lines and their vortex points to do the same and the Isle of Wight is a prime example. It is an energy network of global importance and so it has imposed upon it a Freemasonic/Satanic presence of global importance.
Islands are especially powerful energetically because, by their nature, they are surrounded by seawater which, thanks to its mineral content, is an excellent conductor and collector of energy.

I had a picture in my mind the other day of the Isle of Wight with a giant cork stuck in it. It was symbolic of the way the energy flows through this ‚heart-centre‘ have been corked.
But the times are changing energetically ever more powerfully thanks to what I call the Truth Vibrations and in the next ten years, or more likely earlier, the cork is coming out and the effect on the global energy ’sea‘ will be profound.
Island Mafia – enjoy it while you still can.

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